How do I automatically include a product with all invoices?

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Products can be set to automatically be included with all invoices created and can be turned on and off when required.  For example, you may need to include the cost of a one-off excursion.  In this case:

1.      Follow the procedure below;

2.      Then follow the procedure “How do I create Invoices”;

3.      Finally follow the later part of this procedure removing the function to include with all invoices.



1.      From the home menu, click the "Billing" icon and then click the "Products" button.


A list of all products that have been entered will be displayed.



2.      Scroll to the product that you want included on all invoices and click the “Modify” button.



3.      Place a tick in the field “Include with all invoices” and click the “Update” button.


4.      Once all of the invoices have been committed, return to this screen and remove the tick from the “Include with all invoices” field and click the “Update” button.



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