How do I create a sign in sheet for a week?


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Important Notes:

·         You should not choose categories that will duplicate children on sign in sheets. For example if you create sign in sheets for "Morning children" and “Afternoon children"; do NOT create sign in sheets for "Current enrolments" as well.

·         If you are licensed for both under and over 2 children, it is a Ministry of Education requirement that there are separate sign in sheets for "Under 2" and "Over 2" children.



1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the yellow “Sign Sheets” puzzle piece at the top left of the screen, or from the home screen, click the "Reports", "Child Reports" and "Daily Sign in Sheet" buttons.


2.      Select the “Date” (being a Monday) and the “Category” that you want to create a child daily sign in sheet for.


3.      Select the order in which you wish the children's names to appear, the default is "First Name" order.



4.      Click the "Create Week" button.


Sign in sheets will be created for every day of the week your service is operating. 


If you would like to record any comments to be printed, “Modify” the appropriate sign in sheet and type the comments in in the “Comments” field under the child’s name.


5.      Once all of the sign in sheets are correct; click the “Print Week” button.


6.      Select the print function of your internet browser; and then click on the back arrow to return to the “Daily Sign In Update” screen.


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