How do I create donation requests?


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Creating “Donation” requests involves creating invoices.


It is important to ensure that children’s information is up to date before creating invoices; including any timetable changes coming up in the future that you know about. 



1.      From anywhere in the system, click the green “Accts” puzzle piece on the left hand side; or from the home screen, click the “Billing” and then the “Accounts Processing” buttons.



2.      Select the “Category” which is usually “Current Enrolments”


3.      Select the date for which you wish to invoice up to which MUST always be a Friday.  For example, if you wish to invoice up to the end of term, set the "Effective Date" to the last Friday of term. 


If term finishes on a Thursday, you still set the "Effective Date" to the Friday afterwards.


4.      Make sure the "Invoices" radio button is selected and highlighted red.


5.      Click the "Create All" button and a message will appear asking you to confirm that you want to create these invoices; click the “Ok” button.



Once the invoices have been created, the system will return to the “Accounts Processing” screen for you to review the invoices showing under the “Uncommitted Items” heading before committing the invoices to the children’s accounts.


6.      Click on the "View" button in the "Uncommitted Items" section to review the invoices


A list of all of the children who will invoiced will be displayed together with the amounts that they will be invoiced for. Amounts are calculated based on information from the child's timetable, sign in sheets and fee structures.


You should carefully check this list to ensure that the children have been invoiced for the correct amounts.


7.      If any of the amounts do not look correct, you can check to see how they were calculated by clicking the "Modify" button next to the child's name and then click the "Explain Fees" button.


If the amounts are incorrect, click the "Previous" button, then click the "Delete All" button.


Correct the timetables, sign in sheets fee structures etc. that caused the invoices to be incorrect and then begin the invoicing procedure again.


8.      When all of the invoices are correct; scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Commit” button, or click the “Previous” button; and then the “Commit All” button.


The charges have been applied to the account so you are now ready to print the donation request letters. To see how to print the “Donation Request Letters”, click here.



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