How do I enroll a new child when I know the starting date and the enrolled times for the child?


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Add a new Child


Important Note

·         If the child does not turn up on their first day at your service, there are rules around whether you can claim funding or not; refer to the Funding Handbook.



1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the click the blue “Child” puzzle piece at the top left of the screen or from the home screen, click the "Children" icon.


2.      Click the "Add" button


3.      Enter the details for this child.


Fields that have a blue background are usually ‘required’ fields, enter in all of the information that you have.


4.      Enter all of the relevant date details (birth, starting and application date) for the child.


The leaving date will automatically be set as the child's fifth birthday, but you can override this if you know the child's actual leaving date.


5.      Ensure you select the “Regular Enrolment” option in the “Attendance” box.


Once you have entered all of the details for this child, click “Update” to proceed to the “Timetable Update” screen.


6.      Once you have entered the relevant timetable details for the child (to view and example of this click here) click the "Update" button to proceed to the “Account Update” screen.



7.      Select who is responsible for paying the fees by selecting the bill payers relationship to the child in the “Invoice Whom” field. 


If the account is to be “Split”, you can return to this screen to add in any other bill payers.  You can specify either a percentage for each bill payer or a fixed amount for one of the bill payers leaving the balance for the second bill payer.


8.      Once you have completed the details on this screen, click the "Update" button to proceed to the “Contact Information” screen.


9.      Click the “Add” button to add a new contact; or if this child has a sibling at your centre; select the siblings name from the drop down list and click the "Same As" button to copy the contact information.


To view details on how to add a contact click here or modify details for a contact click here.


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