How do I enter payments from parents?


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1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the green “Accts” puzzle piece on the left hand side; or from the home menu, click the "Billing” and then click the "Accounts Processing” button.


2.      Select the appropriate category of children and click the "Search" button.


3.      Select the child's name for who you wish to process a payment for and click on the “Receipts” radial button so it is highlighted in red.



4.      Click the "Create” button.


5.      Enter in and “Comments” you would like to show on the bill payer’s statement.


6.      Enter the date the payment was made in the “Payment Date” field


7.      Enter the amount of the payment in the "Payment Amount" field


8.      Select the "Payment Method" from the drop down list.


If the payment has been received by cheque and you use the “Bank Lodgment Form” function in Infocare; enter in the cheque details.


9.      Click the "Update" button to save this payment to the "Uncommitted list" and return to the “Accounts Processing” screen.


If you wish to discard the details you have entered here, click the "Delete" button to discard all details for this payment, confirm your request and then return to the “Accounts Processing” screen.


Repeat this process for all of the payments you wish to process at this time.  Each receipt will be saved to the "Uncommitted Items" list.


10.  When you have completed entering all of your payments, click the "View" button under the “Uncommitted Items” list.



11.  You can either click the “Commit” button at the end of each payment type list or click the “Previous” button and click the “Commit All” button.


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