How do I change or modify the details of an existing contact?


To view a video clip of this procedure, click:-



1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the click the blue “Child” puzzle piece at the top left of the screen or from the home screen, click the "Children" icon.


2.      Select the “Category” that the child is in and click the “Search” button


3.      Select the child's name from the drop down list.


4.      Click on the "Contacts" button and then click on the “Modify” button for the contact you are wanting to change.


5.      Update the contacts name, relationship to the child and contact information.


If you are using the Info-Text, ensure the mobile number is in the “Mobile” field and the first ‘0’ is replaced with ‘+64’.



6.      Tick any of the communication “Authorisations” you have, enter “Banking Details” if required and this contact’s “Access Details” ticking all that apply.


7.      Click the "Update" button to save this contacts information.



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