How do I move a child from afternoon sessions to morning sessions?

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1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the click the blue “Child” puzzle piece at the top left of the screen or from the home screen, click the "Children" icon.


2.      Select the “Category” that the child is in and click the “Search” button


3.      Select the child's name from the drop down list and click the "Timetable" button.


A list of all of the timetables that this child has had will be displayed. 


4.      Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "Add" button.


5.      Enter the date this new timetable will start from – you can enter dates as far in advance as you like.


6.      Select the appropriate funding type for this timetable. “Normal funding” is the default with “Casual funding” and “No funding” as other options.


7.      Ensure that the correct "Fee Structure" has been selected for this timetable.




If this child is entitled to a fixed value discount, then enter the amount of the discount in the "Discount Amount" field.  If this child is entitled to a percentage discount, then enter the discount percentage amount in the "Discount Percentage" field.


If the child has special needs and the EC12/13 forms have been completed to the Ministry of Education requirements (refer Funding Handbook), tick the special needs box and the three week and absence rules will be suspended for this child for the duration of the timetable.


If this child is over 3 and you are assigning 20 hours ECE on this timetable, you have the option of using the "Claim Optimum 20 Hours ECE" check box. If you tick this box, the system will look at the child's booked times and work out the optimum attested hours for your centre for each day of the week. The calculation will be done and hours assigned once the “Update” button has been clicked.


If this child is entitled to 20 Hours ECE and the parents are sharing hours between your centre and another centre, tick the box for "Getting 20 Hours ECE elsewhere" Please note if you tick this box, you will not be able to click the "Claim Optimum 20 Hours ECE" box.


8.      Select the “Session” the child will be enrolled for; for example select “AM” for morning or “PM” for afternoon.


If the child will be enrolled for the same session from Monday to Friday, click the “As for Monday” button.


Use the bottom set of times if this child is attending two separate sessions on the same day with a break in between. If you have pre-defined session times, you will be able to select the session name from the "Session" drop down box for each day of the week.


9.      If “optimum 20 hours ECE” is not being claimed, select the number of hours below each day in the “20 Hours ECE” row


10.  If your centre is set up for different “Rooms”, you will also be able to assign the child to the relevant “Room” for each day of the week.



11.  If you wish to clear all the times and start entering them again, click the "Clear Fields" button.


12.  Click the “Update” button so save and return to the previous screen.


13.  If required, click “Print” to print a copy of Info-care’s “Confirmation of Enrolment” or “Confirmation of Enrolment & 20 Hours ECE Attestation Form” for the parent/caregiver to sign to confirm the enrolment.