How do I print a bank lodgement form


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1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the green “Finance” puzzle piece on the right hand side; or from the home screen, click the "Reports" icon and then click the "Financial Reports" Icon.


2.      Click on the "Bank Lodgment Form" button.


3.      Select the date range for which payments have been made by cash or cheque (since your last banking).  For example if you wish this bank lodgment form to include receipts that were entered into Info-care from Monday to Thursday, enter Monday's date in the "From" field and Thursday's date in the "To".


4.      Click on the "Print" button.  


A list of all cheques processed in this period and a summary of cash processed will be displayed on the screen. 



If you want to see how the cash portion has been calculated; click on the back arrow of your internet browser, click the “Show Details” checkbox and then click “Print” again.


5.      To send this to your printer using your web browsers print function and then click on the back arrow.


When taking this form to the bank, you should attach a blank bank deposit slip with this form as the bank will need to get the MICR encoding details from that blank form.



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