How do I record a bond payment for a child?


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Important Note: Bond payments that are entered here will not be reflected in the child's balance and will not be displayed as a transaction for the child on statements or on the transaction view screen.  The bond amount will be displayed separately on statements and on the transaction view screen.  Once the bond is "released", a credit value for the amount of the bond will be processed on the child's account.



1.      From the home menu, click the "Billing" icon and then click the "Bonds" button.


A list of all bond payments that have been entered will be displayed



2.      Click the “Add Bond” button.



3.      Select the child’s name from the “Child” drop down box.


4.      Enter in the relevant information relating to this payment and click the “Update” button.


5.      Click on the “Print” button to print a bond receipt and send it to your printer.


6.      Click on the back arrow of your internet browser to return to the previous screen.


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