How do I update my anniversary days?


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If you are using the web version of Info-care, your statutory holidays will be updated for you, however Anniversary Days will NOT be automatically updated and you will need to update your calendar accordingly.



1.      From the home menu, click the "Centre" and then the "Centre Calendar" buttons.


2.      Select the month and the year for the anniversary day you wish to set and click the “Modify” button.


3.      From the drop down box on that day, select the "Anniversary" option.



4.      If you do not charge on this day, make sure that the "Charge" box is not ticked.



5.      If you have more than one service and need to update all services, select an additional option in the “Centres to be updated” field.



6.      When you have completed updating the required days in this month, click the "Update" button to return to the previous screen; or the "Next Month" or "Previous Month" buttons to save the changes and navigate to the next or previous month.


Alternatively you can click the "Cancel" button to discard the changes.


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