How do I mark a staff member absent for part of a day?

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1.  Go to the "Time Sheets Selection" screen by selecting it from the "Favourites" link in the menu bar if you have set that up or go to the "Reports" link in the menu bar, "Staff Reports" and select "Time Sheet"


2.  Select the "Date" you wish to make changes to and click "Modify"


Please note that the colours on your staff timesheet may vary but the descriptions will be the same.


The right hand column will display the MoE ratios in 15 minute increments or the day.  If you wish to see the actual numbers of children and teachers, click "View".  Below the numbers is an "Explanation of colours" and a "Funding Hours" table


3.  Click "Change Times" under the staff members name


4.  In the "Worked" column, select the reason for the staff absent beside the time the left


If you do payroll from Info-care and they were absent before their lunch break, select "Finish" at the start of their lunch break and then their absent reason when they were due to be back at work



5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click "Update"