When you need to get in contact with parents or teachers urgently, s ending mass txt messages from mobile phones isn’t a great idea. With the help of our new Info-Txt service, you can now send txt messages directly from Infocare on a large scale and in a convenient manner.

Our Info-Txt system enables you to communicate with your parents and teachers by sending and receiving bulk txt messages via our integrated Messaging platform. We have developed a solution that allows you to send and receive txt messages without having to download any special software.

Info-Txt strives to simplify the process of txt messaging from your centre by helping you to connect with any number of your parents or teachers at any time.

With Info-Txt you have the power to send text messages from any computer to unlimited numbers of parents or teachers, within a short-period of time, in the most cost-effective way. Faster than email and less disturbing and cheaper than phone calls, Info-txt is the right choice for your business communication.

To read a real life case study of how Info-Txt has benefited one of our clients, please click here.

Info-Txt features

No new software required

Send and receive txt messages from any online computers - just log in to Infocare

Send single or group txt messages to parents or teachers

Txt replies integrated with Infocare noticeboard

Audit trail - records all txt's sent

Sending mass txt's from computer can have several benefits for you and your business:

Saves communications costs

Facilitates your emergency contact and marketing communication mechanisms

Saves a lot of time and energy that would otherwise be spent on sending txts from mobile phones

A timely personalised txt from computer can improve customer relationships

In many areas txt messaging or mobile phones are the preferred or only medium of communication amongst younger parent and teacher groups as demonstrated by the quote below:

"I LOVE info texting. Every morning around 9.45am I get the daily roll and ring or try and make contact with parents who have not let us know why their child is absent etc. And generally I have to leave messages on cellphones etc. and don’t get many replies. I have text messaged this morning and have already had replies (Yippee!) so I can see for me anyway it’s going to be a wonderful tool. So great Stuff!" – Kindergarten Administrator

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To get Info-Txt enabled for your centre, or to find out more information about this module, click Info-Txt or contact our support desk.

Also known as

Infotext and Infotxt