Parent Portal

The "Parent Portal" is an innovative tool which enables your centre to allow the parents to use the internet to securely share in the learning experiences of their children, events at your centre, newsletters etc. Parents will have their own personal username and password which will limit their access to their child's information only. This information can be in a range of formats: basic notes, word documents, jpeg s, pdf s and media files etc.

Like with other internet sites, parents will be able to log in at their leisure to see the latest news and stories pertaining to their child, and your centre. Using the existing "Infocare Notes" function, you can easily upload the files of your choice by selecting whether to "Show Parent" or not.

You are also able to select an option that will automatically email parents and notify them when new content has been added to their child's portal.

Parents are able to provide feedback to your centre on content that is posted to the portal. You are able to elect whether to include the feedback in the portal or not.

There are three sections of information that can be shared with parents depending on your requirements.

  1. Child Gallery - This is where individual children's learning stories, portfolios, notes etc will be available for parents to view. Parents will only be able to see their child's information
  2. Centre Gallery - This is where information and notes about your centre that are for public viewing will be available for parents to view. These could include things like newsletters, policies, public health notices etc.
  3. Child's Account - This is where a specific child's transaction information and account balance will be available for the parents to view. Parents will only be able to see their child's information

Two additional areas automatically available when parent access is set up to the Parent Portal are: “Change Password” and “Contact Us”.

What people are saying...

These are some real quotes from parents and centre owners using the system. For confidentiality actual names of the parents and children have been changed.

"These learning stories are so wonderful - it's such a good way to see what Mary gets up to and how the teachers notice the same things about Mary that John and I notice. Thanks for all your hard work." - Parent

"I've been looking through the portal lately and just thought I'd say I love it. It's great to see what Jack is up to in that easy way at home when you have time." - Parent

"A parent portal is used to share assessment of children's learning with parents. This is contributing, via email to spontaneous and increased information sharing about children's interests and their experiences at home and in the centre." ERO Report Feb 2011

"The parent portal has been a real hit with our parents. Children can't wait to get home and share their special experiences, and parents now have the opportunity to participate wherever they happen to be." -Jo, Centre Owner Auckland

"Sharing the children's daily experiences with mum, dad and even the grandparents has always been a challenge, but with the Infocare Parent Portal, this has become so much easier. We can post videos, pictures, text, in fact we can make the portal as rich and vibrant as we like, to the extent that it is an extension of our classroom. It has become such a valuable communication tool for us." - Karen, Centre Owner Auckland

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To get the parent portal enabled for your centre, or to find out more information about this module, click Parent Portal or contact our support desk.