Ease and simplicity Parents love it

InfoTab has been designed to make the user experience for Parents, caregivers and visitors as quick and easy as possible. A couple of taps on the screen and the ability to sign with your finger, you will find that your parents love using this rather than paper based sign sheets.

Save time and money

Data flows automatically from the tablet to Infocare. No more hours and hours of updating attendance times. InfoTab does it for you. Staff can mark absences either in Infocare or directly on the tablet. Teachers can review children by room name on the tablet, and you can easily see who has missed a sign in or sign out. InfoTab procedures meet current MoE specifications for signing in and out.

More Than Just Cloud Based

InfoTab can work without cloud/web access or supplied power. Your data is stored and replicated between off-site servers, so you are covered even in the event of a total facility loss.

In Case of Emergency

InfoTab is designed to work when you need it the most - in an actual emergency. Capturing the correct information is vital for evacuation to be successful. InfoTab has the tools to obtain exactly what you need to know.

Easily & Quickly Access your Data

Records can be viewed or downloaded at any time via secure web interface from anywhere in the world. Quickly see who's on site, browse through historical entries, or export the data to Microsoft Excel for advanced data manipulation and analytics.

First Class Security for your Data

As you would expect from Infocare, security is paramount and all data is transferred over SSL, backed by 256-bit AES. Data is stored and replicated off-site, out of harm's way.


An investment in efficiency

InfoTab is without doubt an investment in greater efficiency for your centre. The time saved in updating attendance records alone will save centres hours and hours of time and money each month.

Play the video clip to see how quick and easy it is for parents to sign in/out.
No manual updates of sign in sheets. Times are automatically sent to Infocare.

Play the video clip to see how you can keep track of your visitors and contractors with InfoTab.