Infocare offer a variety of optional extra modules to clients for specific requirements. Currently the additional options available are:

Info-Tab online digital signature system

InfoTab is an online digital sign in/out system for parents/caregivers and visitors/contractors, which is both a simple and quick sign in/sign out tablet on the front desk, and a comprehensive tool that replaces piles of paper, clip boards and hours of administrative work. Whether you are a single centre or a large multi-centre group,  InfoTab can help reduce your costs, increase your productivity, and improve the image of your centre. Click Info-Tab, or contact our support desk

Info-Txt Integrated Text Messaging

When you need to get in contact with parents or teachers urgently, sending mass text messages from mobile phones is not a great idea. With the help of our Info-Txt service, you can now send text messages directly from Infocare on a large scale and in a convenient manner. With Info-Txt you have the power to send text messages from any computer to unlimited numbers of parents or teachers, within a short-period of time, in the most cost-effective way. Faster than email and less disturbing and cheaper than phone calls, Info-txt is the right choice for your business communication. To get Info-Txt enabled for your centre, or to find out more information about this module, click Info-Txt or contact our support desk.

Parent Enquiry CRM System

Allow parents to enquire about enrolling their children in your centre directly from your own webpage. Using the Infocare Parent enquiry CRM system, enquiries are automatically sent to Infocare where they can be managed at every stage of the process with automated emails, comprehensive reporting, statistics and versatile management of the entire process from enquiry, to tour, to registration, to wait listing, to automatic enrolment. Click Parent Equiry, or contact our support desk.

Parent Portal

As an extension to the notes facility, we provide an optional facility to allow parents to log in and view their child’s learning stories, centre newsletters, a statement of their account etc. This facility provides parents with an excellent method of sharing in their child’s learning experience. To find out more please visit our dedicated Parent Portal page, or contact our support desk.

Additional options within Parent Portal are:

Visa Mastercard Online Credit/Debit card payments for parents - Enhance your cash flow by making it easier for parents to pay their accounts online. In addition to the standard features of the Parent Portal, we offer an additional option for parents to make payment online by Credit/Debit Cards. Additional costs are associated with this option. For more information please click Online Parent Payment Options or contact us.

Storypark Logo
AskNicely is a real-time customer feedback platform. Collect and act on real-time customer feedback.

Increase customer retention, reviews and referrals using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework.  The integration with Infocare allows you to automatically trigger a survey email to parents based on events in Infocare i.e. if a child leaves or starts, AskNicely can trigger an automated survey email.

For more information visit www.asknicely.com

Storypark Logo

As an option for learning stories, we are pleased to offer the premier eportfolio and online learning story platform, Storypark . Create accessible ePortfolio records that travel with a child from birth to school. Now it’s easy for teachers, parents, and family to support development over time. Contact us for a free 30 day trial.

Everything a Childcare Centre needs – Infocare is proud to be a part of Childcare Hub which is a unique concept that offers products and services to the childcare sector nationwide. This includes architectural design, furniture, playground equipment, educational resources, childcare management software, finance, insurance, human resources and much more.

Childcarehub are a group of specialist companies dedicated to the needs of childcare providers, bringing together the services required to create the best childcare centres in New Zealand. If you’re looking to develop a childcare centre, a talk with one of our partners should be your first call.

EST Logo
Establish is a specialist development consultancy for the Early Childhood Education (ECE) sector.  They assist customers to develop the best childcare centres in New Zealand.

Establish assist in solving the biggest problems in developing or re-designing childcare centres in New Zealand. The process is so complex. Architects don’t know which rules and standards apply or how to optimise the site for childcare. Real estate agents don’t know what makes a site suitable for childcare or which areas have high demand for new centres. Planners aren’t sure what other consultants should be engaged and the Council Officers are worried about what the neighbours might say.

Establish remove all the complexities and get childcare centre developments off to the best possible start. 

Contact them at www.establish.co.nz


New Zealandís largest cloud based reliever management system, we automate the reliever process by allowing you to send job notifications directly to the smartphones of your preferred relievers, saving valuable time and giving you back valuable working hours each week.  Tailored for the Childcare sector, and now integrated seamlessly with Infocare, we pride ourselves on our innovative solutions and our support.

For more information visit www.StaffSync.nz



Infocare provides an automated integration to NetPay. NetPay, an internet payroll system, offers secure payroll processing and saves time and money by automating payroll tasks. The software offers “one-click” payroll and a simple workflow to guide users step by step through the payroll process.

For more information visit www.netpay.co.nz


A powerful, cost effective payroll system that extends to suit your exact requirements. As it is a cloud based application, the system is already up, running and tested and has a default configuration that is suited to most organisations employing between 100 and 2,000 employees.

For more information visit Sophisticated Payroll and HRIS Software




The simple and easy way to process your payroll in one click using a secure, cloud-based system. There i s full support from a New Zealand-based help desk and it i s only a†$25 flat-fee per month. I f you don’t use it, you don’t pay.



SmartPayroll is an online system which is specifically designed to be affordable and easy to use for small to medium sized businesses.

For more information visit www.smartpayroll.co.nz


Exo Payroll

EXO Payroll

Keep your pay runs rolling with MYOB Payroll. Import employee timesheets to produce a weekly, fortnightly or monthly electronic pay run in just minutes. Wages are transferred electronically to your employees’ nominated bank account, through internet banking or whichever method suits you best. http://myob.co.nz/products/small-business/other-accounting-software/myob-payroll-1257830189197



iEzypay ď making payroll easy

Ezypay provides a Managed Payroll Services to Childcare Facilities. This means that all the issues you face around payroll (leave, payslips, IRD, WINZ, reports etc) you shift to us and we take care of it for you. All you need to do is send us your Timesheet file from Info-care and any employee maintenance, easy.

For more information go to www.ezypay.co.nz

iPayroll is New Zealand's premier online payroll service and largest listed IRD PAYE Intermediary specifically designed for New Zealand based organisations with only a few employees up to several hundreds.

Infocare provides an automatic interface and iPayroll makes paying staff a breeze. Friendly knowledgeable staff, free helpdesk and an employee payslip kiosk.

For more information visit www.ipayroll.co.nz

Crystal Payroll
A friendly, supportive, personalised online payroll service that i s ideal for the childcare sector. Crystal Payroll is an IRD accredited intermediary that integrates seamlessly with Infocare and can be accessed online by both your employees and your accountant if desired. And it's guaranteed.

For more information visit www.crystalpayroll.co.nz

Ezypay is an outsourced direct debit service provider dedicated to offering a payment collection system to assist businesses regulate their cash flow and revenue without the hassle of managing customers' bills. The benefits of this integration range from streamlined administration to constantly up-to-date financial information and of course Ezypay's high collection rates. Now, when there are variations in fees because of changes in hours and charges, the centre and the parents need do nothing - Infocare will update Ezypay and Ezypay will make the changes to the direct debits.

For further details and pricing information on the Ezypay Integration option, please contact Ezypay