Infocare Parent Enquiry CRM System

Parent Enquiry

Allow parents to enquire about enrolling their children in your centre directly from your own webpage.

Using the Infocare Parent enquiry CRM system, enquiries are automatically sent to Infocare where they can be managed at every stage of the process with automated emails, comprehensive reporting, statistics and versatile management of the entire process from enquiry, to tour, to registration, to wait listing, to automatic enrolment.

Clients with multiple centres can automatically assign leads to a central location, or to specific centres based on location.

Include Infocare in your own website for online enquiries to flow directly from the website into Infocare. Manage enquiries from all sources, online, walk-in, phone calls, email etc.

Our Parent Enquiry CRM system will provide you with insights into running your business, information that you need in a way that you can use it, and it will provide you with a solution to simplify your processes.

Infocare Parent Enquiry CRM can:

  • Increase your leads, and ultimately your occupancy and profitability
  • Make it easier, faster and simpler to manage new enquiries with automated user defined responses, notifications and comprehensive reporting
  • Improve parent loyalty and satisfaction

The Infocare Parent Enquiry module is an online enquiry management system which takes the effort out of managing and tracking enrolment enquiries for your centre.