How do I correct a transaction I have previously committed?


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1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the green “Accts” puzzle piece on the left hand side; or from the home menu, click the "Billing” icon and then click the "Accounts Processing” button.


2.      Select the appropriate category the child is in and click the "Search" button.


3.      Select that child's name from the drop down list.


4.      Click on the “Reversals” radial button; and then click “View”


A list of the child’s transactions will be displayed.



5.      Update the "From" and "Until" dates to the period of the transaction you want to reverse.


6.      Beside the transaction you want to reverse, enter in a “Comment” for your records, and click in the box in the “Reverse” column.


7.      Click the “Commit" button to reverse the transaction or click the "Previous" button to discard any changes you have made and return to the previous screen.


Reversed transactions are saved in the system but do not show on parent’s statements.



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