How do I create a general note?

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1.      Click on the “Notes” red puzzle piece on the right hand side


2.      Click on the “General Notes” radial button.



3.      Click on the “Add note” button.



4.      You can either select a “Topic” from the drop down box or type in a new topic in the “Enter topic” field.


5.      Type in a “Subject”.


6.      Select any of the additional options required from “My eyes only” (a private note), “Show Parent” (if you use the Parent Portal function) or “Email Notification” (if you use the Parent Portal function and you want an email notification sent.


7.      Type in the “Message Text” which is a free text field.


If you would like to attach a file that is stored on your computer, click on the “Attach file” button.


If you would like to set a reminder for a later date, click the “Set reminder” button.


8.      Click the “Update” button to save this note.



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