How do I print a list of who owes money and how much?


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1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the green “Finance” puzzle piece on the right hand side; or from the home screen, click the "Reports" icon and then click the "Financial Reports" Icon.



2.      Click on the "Aged Analysis" button.



3.      Select the date for which you wish to view balances up to.  If you have invoiced in advance (to the end of term for example) set this date to the date you have invoiced up to.


4.      Select the order in which you wish to view the information.  The default order is "First name".


5.      Select the additional “Options” for example you may wish to include “Children who’ve left” too.


If you wish to view balances by calendar month, then select the "Monthly" radio button.

If you wish to view balances by 30 day periods, then select the "30 day periods" radio button.


6.      Click on the "Print" button.


A list of all children that have balances owing will be displayed.  


7.      If you would like a printed copy, select the print function of your internet browser and then click on the back arrow.



Each child's name is displayed in blue and underlined – you can click on this link and a new screen will be displayed showing details of the invoices that make up the outstanding balance for that child.



8.      Click on your internet browsers back arrow to return to “Aged Analysis Selection” screen.


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