How do I submit my RS7 return?

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Important Notes:

·         The “Funding Hours” report must be checked before submitting yours RS7 return to the Ministry of Education



1.      Click on the green “Finance” puzzle piece on the right hand side


2.      Click on the “Funding” button.



3.      Select the “Funding Date” and the centre in the “Select Centre” drop down boxes.


4.      Select the “Funding Hours” report and then click the “Print” button.


If a message is displayed; review the information to make the necessary corrections and click on “Ok”


Once this report is correct, you are now ready to submit your RS7 return

5.      Click on the back arrow of your internet browser to return to the previous screen.


6.      Click on the “RS7” radial button and then click on the “Submit RS7 to MOE” button.


7.      Review the important information and then click on the “Continue” button; or click on the “Cancel” button.



8.       Review the funding hours and read the important information from the Ministry of Education and then click on the “Continue” button; or that “Back” button to correct information.



9.      Complete the “Attestation of Registered Teacher’s Salaries” section and click the “Continue” button to proceed or the “Back” button to correct any information



10.  Complete the “Declaration” section and click on the “Yes” button to submit the RS7 funding return.


11.  Click on the “Print” button and send it to your printer.


12.  Click on your internet browsers back arrow and then click “Finish”



Additional Information:

·         To see that you have successfully submitted the RS7 to the Ministry of Education, from the “Home” screen, click on the “Utilities” button and the “Downloads” button.  The RS7 report will be listed starting with “RS7Return_...”


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