How do I view details of a child's attendance for a selected period of time?


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1.      From anywhere in the system, click on the click the blue “Child” puzzle piece at the top left of the screen or from the home screen, click the "Children" icon.


2.      Select the “Category” that the child is in and click “Search”


3.      Select the child's name from the drop down list of children's names and click the “History” button.


4.      Enter the date range for which you wish to view attendance details for this child and click the “Search” button.



5.      If you would like to print this information, click on the “Print” button and then click on the print option on our internet browser.


6.      To return to the “Child Attendance History” screen, click your browser "Back" button.


7.      To return to the child selection screen, click the "Previous" button.


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